Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Elsa

I echo all the sentiments of Quynh’s past clients that left rave reviews of her work ethic, professionalism, efficiency, integrity and market knowledge. I have known Quynh for more than 10 years, since working with her then on our first condo purchase. We started working together again recently and she again led us with her up to date market knowledge, including rental trends, and detailed reports on past transactions. She responds to inquiries quickly and thoughtfully, and never puts any pressure on clients to close a transaction. She is also very honest about inventory and steered us away from buildings and units she deemed subpar or overpriced, as well as multi-offer situations that she predicted would go out of hand. Her network of professionals including lawyers and mortgage brokers are top-notch and compliment her with their efficiency and professionalism. I would highly recommend her to my friends, family and colleagues and will undoubtedly work with Quynh again on my next opportunity!

By: Kaya

It was an absolute pleasure working with Quynh Tran and my partner and I cannot recommend her highly enough. A professional approach From the moment we met, Quynh demonstrated a high level of professionalism and competence that quickly inspired our trust and assured us that we had made an excellent choice in an agent. She is confident, forthright and calm which is an essential combination when navigating the housing market. An insightful agent Quynh’s knowledge of the real estate market was extremely helpful and lent greatly to making informed decisions quickly. Every step of the way, Quynh listened attentively to our feedback and frequently offered objective, alternative perspectives that helped us to prioritize and narrow our search. She often made suggestions and observations we would not have made on our own and was resourceful in getting us the research we needed on properties, neighbourhoods, schools and any potential issues etc. In all, this ensured that we made the best decision to meet present and future needs. She also connected us to her network of professionals which was of significant help, particularly in time sensitive situations. An ally With Quynh, we always felt like we had a true ally in the process. Quynh went above and beyond to make us her top priority and we really appreciated that most of all. It is very clear that she cares deeply about building and maintaining a genuine relationship with her clients. She is honourable and treats you as she would want to be treated. In short, Quynh is a true gem!

By: Manfredi

Quynh is the best real estate agent anybody can hope for. We lucked out when we found her, and are completely delighted with our interaction with her. The top three things that distinguish Quynh from other agents: 1) Her very high ethical standards. She cares about her clients, and she doesn't view them as money-making machines. 2) Her honesty and good judgement. She saved us at least twice from making major mistakes. In these two occasions, we were about to make offers on very expensive, recently constructed condominiums. The owners had tight deadlines for offers, but Quynh insisted on getting the apartments inspected. As it turned out, there were major construction defects, and we were lucky to pull out in time. We owe it entirely to Quynh to have avoided these mistakes. On other occasions, Quynh would alert us about unusually high condominium fees, or other things that we wouldn't otherwise have noticed. Her good judgement steered us in the right direction, and ultimately led us to buy a house we are super-happy with. 3) Her incredible professionalism and effectiveness. We always felt that Quynh had our back covered. Whenever we needed her help, she was there for us. I can't stress enough what a relief it was for us to navigate the intricacies of the Toronto housing market with someone who was knowledgeable, professional, and rational. I have since recommended Quynh to a colleague, who then bought a loft he's very happy with. He shares my opinion about Quynh. I can't recommend her enough!

By: Alexander

I couldn’t have been more fortunate to have Quynh by my side during what was probably the biggest purchase of my life. Quynh took the time to learn not only what I wanted, but what was in my best interest. Despite my feelings of desperation to get into the market, she wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions that made it very clear something wasn’t for me. Needless to say, I wouldn’t have purchased my home if it wasn’t for Quynh, but I might not have been able to keep it either. Her honesty and transparency prevented me from making life changing mistakes. Her knowledge and understanding of the market made the search as enjoyable as possible, and she really invested in developing a relationship with not only me, but my family, making for a personal and comfortable experience. She not only offers her services, but her connections and friendships provided support with everything else that comes along with buying a property (I.e. broker, legal, inspections). Still to this day, two years later, she offers her support and guidance. Thanks for everything Quynh!

By: Anca and Adrian

Quynh helped us find our dream home! We were living out of the city and would come down to TO on weekends when we could. Quynh understood our challenges and would make time, taking us to home that fit out criteria and was always open to any additional requests I had for her to see other homes outside of our preferred zone. She was patient, knowledgeable about the market, able to make the best decision for our family. We are so grateful for all of her hard work!

By: Tyler

I was so impressed with Quynh as my real estate agent. She took her time with me and always made me feel comfortable. I loved how she always encouraged me to take my time when seeing condos and was so helpful in weighing the benefits and disadvantages of each property. I am so happy with the one I decided to buy with Quynh. I would recommend Quynh to anyone looking for a great agent with experience in the GTA.

By: Shazya

My experience working with Quynh was effortless and efficient. Her quick turnaround time and responsiveness to emails and phone calls were very helpful, and I was confident that I would find the perfect condo with Quynh assisting me. When the process became even slightly stressful, Quynh answered my questions with patience and clarity and assured me that things would go according to plan. And of course, they did. I am now a happy condo owner and Quynh still makes herself available in case I have questions. She looks after her clients very well, listening to our needs and understanding how she can best help. I highly recommend Quynh for any real estate needs.

By: Stavros

Quynh was very helpful walking me through the condo buying process. She was realistic, patient, easy to reach, and willing to get the best deal possible for me. As well, being relatively new to the city, she pointed me in the direction of other professionals I would need to complete the purchase, with no pressure to use a certain person and even giving me questions I should be asking. I would recommend her to my family and friends and would work with her again. Thanks, Quynh!

By: Pavlo

Quynh Tran is a highly knowledgeable professional. Patient and passionate she helped us make the most sound decision in a competitive Toronto real estate market. We would highly recommend Quynh for those seeking an agent that will do her best to find a great place to live.

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