Living in Oakville, Ontario

Living in Oakville, Ontario: The Definitive Guide will provide you with almost everything you need to know about living in Oakville.

Oakville is a vibrant community within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and a beautiful lakeside destination. With its strong cultural heritage, breathtaking scenery and lively arts scene, Oakville has something for everyone to enjoy.

Drop anchor in Oakville and discover what makes this town between Toronto and Niagara a hidden gem.



Where Is Oakville, Ontario?

Oakville, a suburban town on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, is a lovely location with a small-town atmosphere. Although it's one of the top five places to live in Canada, it also makes for a fantastic vacation spot.

Despite being only 30 kilometers from Toronto, Oakville is frequently disregarded. However, it has a lot to offer, from a thriving arts scene to untouched natural beauty just waiting to be discovered.

General Overview

Family and community-oriented neighborhoods can be found in northern Oakville. These neighborhoods tend to have semi-attached homes, detached homes, and rental properties, which reflect this in the types of homes that you will find there. Having been constructed in the late 1990s and later, many of these houses are relatively new.

Even now, some of them are undergoing ongoing renovations that will increase their value when it comes time to sell them. The majority of the time, these houses are close to one another and have a variety of facilities, including parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and elementary schools. In contrast, because there are so many luxurious homes there, Southern Oakville draws wealthy families and upper-class residents. This entails taking into account upscale condominium residences, detached mansions, and sizable semi-attached homes that are much larger in terms of the size of the house and the amount of land occupied.

The majority of the homes in this area are much older, and only a small number of them require any kind of contemporary remodeling. You will have easy access to the lake right outside your door if you are fortunate enough to buy the right property! As you might expect, the prices of the homes are significantly higher than those of the homes in Northern Oakville. They are also much more dispersed, which results in neighborhoods with much lower population densities.


Business and Jobs

Oakville residents work in advanced manufacturing at large UTC Aerospace Systems and General Electric facilities.

Many Oakville businesses are in the life sciences sector, with a focus on pharmaceuticals and elder care. The city also has a number of retirement homes. As Oakville is part of the Greater Toronto Area, residents frequently commute to jobs in Toronto.


Oakville's elementary and high schools are a mix of private and public schools, with one of the highest private school-to-student population ratios in the country.

The Halton District School Board, Halton Catholic District School Board, Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, and Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir serve Oakville. The International Baccalaureate Program is available at both St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School (Oakville) and White Oaks Secondary School.

Appleby College, a private school for grades seven to twelve that was founded in 1911, and St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School, an independent all-girls school, are both located in the town. Oakville also has Sheridan College's Trafalgar Campus, which is primarily an arts and business studies institute and the city's only higher education facility.


Where To Live?



An Oakville neighborhood located directly on the harbor, making it ideal for those who enjoy marine life. During the warm months, residents can enjoy boating, fishing, and other activities. This Oakville community includes the Bronte neighborhood as well as the newer neighborhoods to the west.

This neighborhood is ideal for those looking for luxury condos and townhomes. The majority of the structures are new, and custom homes are also available. A waterfront trail system begins at Heritage Waterfront Park, a popular gathering place for residents. The trails lead to beaches, and piers, and provide residents with a spectacular view of the lake.

Bronte is an excellent Oakville neighborhood for boating and fishing enthusiasts. Bronte's median household income is $125,000. Bronte's residents range from retirees to young professionals who enjoy the luxury condo lifestyle. This neighborhood is ideal for anyone who enjoys a relaxed lifestyle and water sports.


Old Oakville

Old Oakville, also known as Downtown, is one of the town's most walkable neighborhoods, with homes ranging from historic structures to modern luxury condos. The residential streets are lovely, and there are plaques that tell you when historic homes were built. Some of the homes in Old Oakville date back to the 1800s.

If you want a taste of history, older homes can be found on the lakeshore's southern end, while modern homes and luxury apartments can be found on the northern end. This is one of the most expensive neighborhoods due to the variety of homes, but the price is worth it for the location.

This is an excellent choice for those seeking a city feel without being in a major metropolitan area such as Toronto, but close enough to commute. With a median income of $100,000, the average selling price for a home in Old Oakville is $1.7 million.


Glen Abbey

When most people think of Glen Abbey, they think of golf. If you enjoy golf, this Oakville neighborhood has a lot to offer. Glen Abbey, if you're not familiar, is one of Canada's most famous golf courses. The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Golf Canada are also located in Glen Abbey.

One thing to remember about this neighborhood is that many of the homes have a front-row view of the golf course. It's likely that your front or back door will face it, and the street names are golf-themed. The winding streets end in cul-de-sacs and are designed in a traditional suburban style.

Glen Abbey residents enjoy the safety of a traditional suburb while being close to a large city. When you drive around, the majority of the houses you will see are two-story homes with garages on cul-de-sacs, and the residents are a mix of young people and families.

Glen Abbey's median household income is $113,422. This Oakville neighborhood is ideal for anyone looking for suburban living close to the city.


Southwest Oakville

Southwest Oakville is a popular Oakville neighborhood located between Bronte and Central Oakville. This neighborhood is ideal for teenagers and empty nesters. The houses are on larger lots with plenty of space. Southwest Oakville offers the best of everything, including some of the best schools, outdoor recreation, shopping, and dining. There's never a dull moment in this Oakville neighborhood.

Coronation Park, which is located directly on the lakefront, is a short walk away from residents. During the summer, Coronation Park hosts family-friendly events such as The Oakville Waterfront Festival. You can take the family for a picnic or a hike and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Currently, older homes in Southwest Oakville are being remodeled or demolished in order to build new custom homes for families with a larger budget. Southwest Oakville has a median income of $200,000.

Public Transportation

Oakville Transit is a public transportation provider in Toronto that has been operating bus routes since 1972. Bus routes run from the north (Mississauga) with a stop at South Common Centre to the south (Oakville) with a stop at Lakeshore Rd West + Stevenson Rd. Their most western stop is Dundas St + Highway 407 Go Carpool (Burlington) and their most eastern stop is Devon Rd + Lakeshore Rd East (Oakville).




Maro's Bistro

The only restaurant in Oakville with a perfect Tripadvisor rating. Maro, the owner, and chef brings eastern Mediterranean food culture to life. Maro's is located south of Rebecca and north of Lakeshore Road West in Kerr Village. Every dish prepared in the kitchen at Maro's Bistro is vibrant, fresh, flavorful, and inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine. There's something for everyone on the extensive menu, which includes salads, flatbreads, bowls, and more, as well as vegan and gluten-free options.


Stoney’s Bread Company

Stoney's has been a local favorite since 2004, serving hearty, the family-friendly fare for brunch, lunch, and dinner. There are plenty of reasons why this place is always packed, from inventive sandwiches to fresh pizzas, pasta, and brunch staples made from farm-fresh ingredients. The food is delicious, and the Caesar Salad is quite possibly the best in town. You line up to order, but they do bring your meal to the table once it is prepared.


Trattoria Timone Ristorante

Trattoria, which is family-owned and operated, is the type of restaurant that encourages repeat visits. Trattoria's dishes are the culinary equivalent of Nonna's warmest hugs, with a menu of hearty, classic Italian fare that inspires cravings and nostalgia. A great place to go for an authentic Italian meal. This is also the only good restaurant in the Winston Churchill and QEW entertainment complex. It's also big enough for private parties.


Plank Resto Bar

Bronte Village's friendly neighborhood restaurant. The vibe is upbeat, and the food is southern American with a few twists to keep things interesting. You should arrive early because it is a very busy location. It also offers a stunning view of Bronte Harbour. Plank focuses on fresh, seasonal food that is brought to life with global flavors. Do you want dumplings, arancini, pizza, or tempura? This popular restaurant has everything you're looking for.


Cucci Ristorante

Cucci earned its reputation for smooth service and quality with traditional, house-made pastas reminiscent of Nonna's. With a menu that includes a variety of tempting proteins served with seasonal sides, house-made desserts, and an impressive wine list, it's no surprise that reservations are highly recommended. For many years, Bronte's formal Italian restaurant. If you're looking for a fun night out, check out Cucci for their delicious Italian cuisine.

What To Do in Oakville?


Spend the Day In a Park

Bronte Creek Provincial Park spans 6.4 square kilometers and is located directly on the western edge of the community. Any day of the year, spend the day exploring the sizable park. Trails in the Bronte Creek Provincial Park are excellent for cross-country skiing, biking, and hiking. The outdoor swimming pool in the park is another option for swimming. There are campsites with electrical hookups if you want to spend the night in the park. A historic farmhouse, a nature center, and a kids' farm with chickens, rabbits, pigs, sheep, and goats are also present.


Learn About the History of Golf

Players, coaches, golf course designers, and other individuals who have made contributions to the game in other ways have been inducted into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. On-site, there is a museum that features artifacts and documents from the past. Stephen Michael Ames, Michael Richard Weir, Sandra Post, Stanley Thompson, and Jack William Nicklaus are a few of the individuals who have been inducted into the hall of fame.


Play a Round

The Glen Abbey Golf Club also offers golfing opportunities. One of the most well-known in the whole nation is the Jack Nicklaus golf course! 25 Canadian Open Championships have so far taken place at Glen Abbey Golf Club. In fact, it was on this course that Tiger Woods famously defeated Grant Waite in 2000. If you don't want to play a round, you can still visit the illustrious club and have a lovely brunch on Sunday. For those interested in mastering the game of golf, there is also a golf academy.


Watch a Canoe Regatta

Watch a canoe regatta at the Burloak Canoe Club. On Navy Flats, by Sixteen Mile Creek, is where the canoe club is located. Leading paddlers like Larry Cain, Adam van Koeverden, and Mark Oldershaw, who have all captured Olympic medals, were all trained by the Burloak Canoe Club. Sheila Kuyper and Mallorie Nicholson, two prominent female paddlers, trained here as well. You can still go canoeing or kayaking at the club when there isn't a race going on. They also rent out dragon boats.


Explore Old Oakville

Old Oakville is located in South-Central Oakville and is also referred to as Downtown Oakville. It is a vibrant area that is well worth visiting. Old Oakville has a small-town atmosphere with chic eateries, fantastic bars, and specialized shops. Additionally, there are a few upscale boutiques, the majority of which are situated along Lakeshore Boulevard. The region is also home to art galleries housed in old structures. There is also Oakville Harbour, which houses the Oakville Yacht Club.


Visit a Museum

The Chisholm family, who founded the town, formerly resided at Erchless Estate. The estate doubles as a museum and historical site today. When you visit the museum, don't forget to bring a camera because the structures, grounds, and gardens are stunning. Enter the museum to see a collection of the family's costumes, textiles, ethnographic artifacts, and decorative arts. The Erchless Estate hosts special exhibitions in addition to its permanent collections. Although there are guided tours available, you are also welcome to explore the museum on your own.


Go on a Hike

Along the lake's length, Oakville's famous Trans Canada Trail runs in part. The perfect trail for cycling or hiking is this one. Actually, this portion of the trail runs from Toronto to Burlington. So if you are a serious hiker or cyclist, you could try to complete the entire 87-kilometer path. Although this part of the trail lacks rest areas or restrooms, there are a few parking lots along the way that are located inside Oakville. So make sure to arrive ready.


Shop, Dine and Relax

At Bronte Harbour, which is located at the westernmost point of Oakville, all of this is possible. A lakeside community called Bronte Harbour offers everything from gourmet foods to yoga sessions. Take a stroll through the village's streets and browse the boutiques there or make a purchase. Enjoy a meal at one of Bronte Harbour's award-winning eateries, or get a snack at a neighborhood café or bar. Don't forget to unwind as well by booking a massage at one of the spas or sailing off into the distance on a yacht you've rented.


Immerse Yourself in the Art

There are frequent performances of performing arts in Oakville thanks to its strong arts community. You will enjoy what Oakville has to offer if you enjoy the symphony, the ballet, or the theater. All of this is taking place at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, which is home to a wide range of performing arts. The Oakville Symphony Orchestra and Oakville Ballet Company call it home, and it has also played host to special performances.