1306* 1308 Leighland Rd, Burlington Ontario

This property is an amazing investment opportunity with great tenants and approximately 3,150 square feet of finished living space. The property's location is ultra-convenient, just minutes away from highways, a grocery store, green spaces, Mapleview Mall, and much more. Don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity!

4+2 Bedrooms

2+2 Kitchens

2+2 Bathrooms


Brant neighbourhood offers a perfect blend of small-town charm and urban convenience. With an emphasis on education, Brant is home to esteemed schools like Brant Hills Public School and Brantwood Elementary, where students receive an excellent education in a nurturing environment.

For those who enjoy shopping, Brant offers a diverse range of options. From unique boutiques to specialty shops, there is something to suit everyone's taste. Explore the local stores and uncover special treasures, stylish finds, and distinctive gifts. The lively commercial area ensures that residents have easy access to all their shopping needs.

Nature lovers will appreciate the abundance of green spaces and parks in Brant. Brant Hills Park, a local favourite, features expansive green areas, scenic trails, and recreational facilities. It's an ideal location for families to have picnics, engage in sports activities, or enjoy a leisurely walk amidst the beauty of nature.

Beyond its physical attributes, the Brant community is known for its friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Neighbours quickly become friends, and a strong sense of community is evident. Whether participating in local events, joining community initiatives, or simply enjoying a friendly chat at the neighbourhood coffee shop, residents feel a deep sense of belonging and connection.

Brant truly embodies the best of Burlington living, with its excellent schools, lively shopping scene, and thriving community spirit. Discover the charm and convenience of this delightful neighbourhood – a place where families flourish, businesses thrive, and cherished memories are made.

While there are no lakes in the immediate vicinity, there are the notable lakes close by. One of these lakes is Lake Ontario. It's one of the Great Lakes and can be found to the south of Burlington. It's a big lake with beautiful views and lots of things to do like boating and other fun activities. Another place to visit is Bronte Harbour. It's not exactly a lake, but it's a marina and a nice spot by the water on the shores of Lake Ontario. People who enjoy boating will really like it.

Another lake called Kelso Lake is located to the northwest of Burlington. It's a smaller lake that's part of the Kelso Conservation Area. Can go fishing, as well as kayaking and just enjoy the natural surroundings. Finally, there's Crawford Lake, which is east of Burlington. It's a special lake with very clear water and it's important to Indigenous people. These lakes are great for spending time outdoors, enjoying the scenery, and getting in touch with nature in the Burlington, Ontario area.